Birds of Prey, #8

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snowslayer asked: Hello, I'm going to give your Bat-Trivia a shot! 1) Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday. 2) Don't know this one . . . 3) Joe Chill tried to steal money and jewelry. 4) Robert Langstrum? 5) Mr. Freeze was originally Mr. Zero (but I have no idea why they changed the name).

1. Correct! 

2. That’s a hard one :) 

3. Although this is correct, and I’ll still count it as correct, I was looking for Martha’s Pearl Necklace. 

4. Close, It’s Kirk Langstrum

5. Very Good! Not many people know that one, it seems. They changed it on the Batma ’60s television show, and it changed in the comics shortly thereafter.

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everything burns


everything burns


Okay Bat fans, it’s time for some bat-trivia. Here’s how the game works. I will list five questions. Answer at least one of them right, and I’ll plug your blog. Not much of a prize, I know. But hopefully one day I’ll actually be able to do more than just talk about how awesome you are. The Rules: 

No cheating—this means don’t use the internet or ask a friend. If you have a comic, graphic novel, movie, or television show on DVD that you can refer to in order to verify your answer, then you may do so. Just DO NOT USE THE INTERNET. And that’s all the rules. Seriously. I only have one rule. *Batman voice*

Okay here we go: 

1. Finish the sentence: Solomon Grundy, born___________. 

2. Bruce Wayne’s vision for Batman came to him when a bat broke through the window of his study and landed on what? 

3. What was it that Joe Chill tried to rob from the Waynes the night he killed them? 

4. Name the Original Man-Bat. 

5. When Mr. Freeze first appeared in Batman comic books, he went by a different alias than Mr. Freeze. What was it? (And why did it change?) 


Anonymous asked: you mean more then the side missions with the easy victories due to takedowns? i'm can't rly remember the city one but i think it was a grate one or something. i'd love for a long distance fight with him as much as an aerial one with firefly or manbat but yeah. there should be more importance on him, i could see him doing alot more tbh, like some sort of in-field leader

Exactly…I wouldn’t mind seeing B and C string heroes that we’ve seen graze the side-mission spot light and actually have something impacting to do with the plot. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, The Mad Hatter is grossly underused. I was happy with his involvement in Origins, which seemed to be a little more than his side mission in City. And I’m not just saying underused in the video games, but in the comics and in television and film as well. I would love to see a Mad Hatter centered story. 


Anonymous asked: that sounds neat. KGBeast or deathstroke(on some goverment-get batman mission?) could work for that. i have no clue what to write, so.

Eh. I love writing and I love Batman so the two subjects have conjoined in my head more times than I can count. I’m not even a huge Riddler fan like you said. I like him. But he’s third or fourth down on my list. KGBeast and Deathstroke would be fun, too. Actually, I’d like to see a focus on Deadshot for a change. 


Anonymous asked: heh, you really like riddler. if you could design the plot, what would you do?

Well, I’ve never given much thought to the plot of a video game…but a rough idea would be something like this: 

I’d pull lots of ideas from other comic books, as the previous installments have done. I’d have some sort of reason why Batman would be at Arkham, like in the first game. It would provide some nostalgic moments and nods to the first game. Then, I’d probably have some sort of destruction of the Asylum. It would be fun to play as Batman, inside a prison that is being ripped apart by either bombs or an earthquake like in No Man’s Land, or something, trying to compile as many villains as he could. I’d have a boss pretty soon—still in the asylum. I don’t know who, but someone tough and that wouldn’t have much to do with the overall plot. 

The rest of the plot would be trying to round up these villains—when in reality Batman would be falling in a trap. Every Riddler trophy or puzzle would be a clue to unraveling these villain locations, as if the Riddler was working as some sort of private investigator who is interesting in getting the villains behind bars, just wants to have fun with Batman on the way. 

There of course would be some sort twist, like Riddler was behind the whole thing or something blah blah blah, I don’t know. The point is I think a Riddler driven plot could work. And I wouldn’t mind seeing other villains that haven’t been used in the games. Think of Riddler enlisted villains like Man-Bat, Hush, Calendar-man (and really used him this time now just cameos) Lock-Out, Maxie-Zeus, Cluemaster, etc. 


Anonymous asked: no one likes them. i hope he appears in the main story, working with the scarecrow(NO.1 FAV, FTW) somehow aswell as those trophies. also joker(no.2 fav) better not appear, flashbacks maybe, mentioned ok, main story, no. i had a theory that clayface would be a vase for the lazarus put liquids to bring him back but it would be pretty mean to just bring back the main villian AGAIN. overdone, cliche. i also hope manbat returns besides the slight sigting while gliding in city

I miss the Joker as much as the next Bat fan, but to bring him back now would cheapen Arkham City’s ending. It just would. So yeah, he probably needs to stay out of this game. It’ll be weird, because he’s been such a big part of the previous three installments, but it’s for the best, I believe. I like the idea of Riddler and Scarecrow. I wouldn’t mind them taking a page of Hush’s book. That story incorporated so many villains and at the end of the line who was pulling the strings? Riddler. 


BATMAN #16 (April 1943)Art by Jerry Robinson


BATMAN #16 (April 1943)
Art by Jerry Robinson